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Knitting patterns you can understand

Easy to read patterns

It appears that patterns need to be made more easy to understand.  For a person who does not know what all the different words or symbols mean it can be a mine field and quite frightening.  I wonder how many people have taken one look at a pattern and said, “NO!”

It is because of this that I am endeavouring to do patterns in a long format, which means that I put alot into words that people understand, or english.  This extends a pattern to a long 9 pages, but if that means that one can understand, then I think that it is a good thing and certainly great for the knitter.

With this in mind, I have started to write my patterns with boxes at the end of rows so thatthe knitter can tick the box when the row is completed, this way you always know where you are in the pattern.  All the words are simple and with instructions for each item, and tables that show the instructions in a easy format, still with the boxes to check off.

I would be interested if there are any people who find certain parts of a pattern hard to understand so that these also can be added into our list of fixing.  Horrah I hear you all shouting, scanning the latest magazine trying to find what you want to change.  You did?  Great send it to me or make a comment here I would LOVE to hear what they are.

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Visiting the USA

Taos Wool Festival

Visiting the USA has been a wonderful and exciting time this year, ending with a Wool Fiesta at Taos where many grows of yarn accumulated to sell their fare.  People bustled everywhere in a large frenzie of buying magical yarn that dripped from every crevise in colourful display.

Mohair, Angora, Bison, Llama, Merino – what a feast of delight for the avid knitter.  It was hard to decide which was the best to pluck from the tree of pleasure every stall had to offer.

Then for the non knitters there were wonderful garments already made to tempt the unguarded.  One that comes to mind was the Shawls made by Russian women that were so fine that the word candy floss came to mind.  All hand knitted in yarn that would have taken hours of work in the most beautiful lace patterns that made you just want to touch.  Truely magnificent masterpieces each one.  I found 2 batches of yarn here, both merino and lace in lace weight to add to my stash and stowed carefull in my paper bag, I hurried out to sit and run my hand over and over it, designs rushing through my head with the feel of it.

I look forward to going to next years feast.

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Patterns galore

Jaxson Jacket

This year I have been working on and publishing some of my designs in patterns that you will all be able to download in pdf format and knit yourselves.  I have been wanting to do this for many years and it is now becoming a reality as I have more time on my hands.  Did I say more time?

Some of them are for new knitters and some for experienced ones.  The patterns are quite long, as I am adding comments all the way through them so that they will be easier for the knitter to follow.  Also I give full knitting details so that you can find your way and not be left wondering what you are to do next.

So far I have done Jaxson Jacket and Polka Dots – all published in hard copy and also in pdf. format to down load.  These have been well received and are popular with shops and knitters.  I am now working on Silver Nights, which is coming along nicely though it is still early stages and I hope to have this finished in Dec.2009.  More on that later.