About LynAdell

LynAdellLynAdell’s passion for knitwear shows in her creations. From an early age she has nurtured a passion for knitwear design, to a point where she now produces her breathtaking inspirations in patterns for the public. These individual and timeless creations, touched with flair, excitement, and originality, puts LynAdell in the front of Knitwear Design today.

LynAdell’s patterns produce a garment that stands out from others, have an ability to fit the wearer well, while enhancing their shape, and of course remaining forever fashionable. They are fun, exciting and always look fantastic! This is her answer to so much sameness and mass production that we see today.

And in her own words…

“When I look at the patterns available today, it becomes clear that there is a huge lack of variety. Very few patterns have different shapes, wonderful draping, or ‘flow’ to the garment, as well as the ability to ‘fit’ and enhance the wearer’s body shape. If you are a lover of fine yarns, romantic looks, lace work or especially patterns in sizes to fit our ‘growing’ population … there’s just so little available.

Where are the patterns that look as if they float on the wearer? Appear weightless and fun? Or take into account larger busts and hips? Very few exist.

Over the years, while wearing my designs in public, people would ask where the garment could be purchased. Being a ‘one off’ design they were disappointed, and normally followed with the question, “Do you have the pattern? There were none.

So there my story began. None of my previous works were ever put to paper, just knitted from the mind, no notes – nothing. To produce all my previous work to patterns, was a daunting task and without the passion, drive and constant enthusiasm that I feel for my work it could not have been achieved. In my desire to perfect ‘that’ certain shape, the perfect fit, the look that I want to reflect for the wearer, I often knit a garment two or three times to make sure it is right and hangs well.

Since that beginning, I have written a series of patterns produced using those designs I’ve been refining over many years. Also there are new designs which constantly bubble up from my subconscious, some so exciting, they demand to be put to paper….NOW! These are still to come.

Each piece is created with thought, love and hours of dedication, and it is my express wish that you, the knitter, will have as much enjoyment wearing these designs as I have had, in designing and producing them for you.”

Happy Knitting