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New book

Lost half socks

This is the front cover of my book that I have finished this week.  It is has been a long time getting it all together and sewing up and then binding the book too. The poem inside the book, was written about 2006, and a mock up of the drawings were done then too and it sat about like that till the beginning of October.

Suddenly desire to finish it took over then to do the drawings and illustrate it fully and bind it into a book too. Thought I would finish it that day well right…… weeks later, three almost! The illustrations did not stay as they had been originally and took on a whole new meaning, sort of sock controlled and many been changed and more have been put in.

My first drawing in the book which I drew when working for Breitling watches, is still there too. New characters arried from the verse, old ones changed their look in my mind and up popped a Black Bad Sock drawing too. Every sock I have ever had came out in this book I think and it has been a great journe; I have learnt many great lessons for the next one.  Did I say that? Next one? oh dear, I think I did.

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Inside my studio

In a little fishing village in Ecuador I sit and make sweet music in my studio. My studio is full of all day light and a wonderful view out across the Pacific Ocean.  Through the sliding doors I can escape onto the small balcony and gaze across to the horizon far away watching the fishing boats on their voyage out to the deeper waters or see the pelicans soar back and for fishing for sardines in the shallower water.

LynAdell Studio
Too bright today to see the Pacific Ocean.

From the hub of the room (my computer) backgammon and breakfast starts the morning, eating home-made flat bread out of 5 different flours, none of them wheat, and covered with peanut butter, tomato, sprouts and onion.  Now tell me what dreams are made off.  I also wash it down with freshly made coffee and listen to the see while I hopefully win my game and dont drop all the food on my clean clothes!

My central table, just acquired for my latest class, sits waiting for my students today who want to learn to draw, tomorrow I have a sewing group that comes for the morning where we make items for the orphange children.

LynAdell studio
Thanks Grandad

On my last trip to New Zealand I bought home many of my dolls and here they hang (sorry girls) from the air-conditioning cord.  When you push their head they say 4 different phrases each.  Under my Japanese doll I have my calligraphy painting box, well two actually.

I often spend some time in here at night but will have to get a better light as it is not bright enough by far.

My grandfather had these drawers and I remember them very well as  a child, they house my pencils, carving tools and two little hammers that my Dad and I used when I was a girl, they are very dear to me.

This fun piece was made from a magazine and measures about 2 feet across and fell off the wall occasionally till I fixed it with gaffa tape.


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Finished books

Handmade books

The first, of this series of books is not covered inside.  The cover is a painting that I did which continues from the front cover to the back to make a complete piece.  Inside is raw card. The pages are of different colors all in artists watercolor paper.


Black Book

A little Black Book, complete with black paper, so use a white, gold or silver pen. Decorative work is sewn with thread on the front and back covers.


OUT SIDE AND SPIN 20131014_222643 20131014_223807 OUT SIDE AND SPINE

The following books are all original paintings in watercolors. After the black I decided to have some color and touched it also with a ribbon to tie it closed.

Yellow Ribbons

FRONT   Untitled-2

A tiny lady sits on the front of this one with colored pages. Back and front views.

Red Umbrella.


This one has colored pages and is bound with yellow thread.

The Color of Sun


Shooting Star

Still in watercolors is Shooting Star with over-sewing on the decorative spin.

Front cover 3 Inside front coverBinding 


A more decorative spin in white contrasts to the colored pages in Riverside.


Deep Horizon

Deep Horizon is a wash of watercolors, with a contrast of white pages.  Both the front and back pages inside and out are the same, as far as the paint allows.


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New patterns

Silver Nights

As I told you all, in my last post, there would be another pattern in 2010, well it has happened.  Silver Nights, was released on July 2nd 2010.  There has been much interest in this pattern over at Ravelry and now it is available here.

So what is next?  I am very close to having Juliette, and Victorian Pleasure ready as well and these should be out by the end of August at the latest!  Meanwhile I have 3 others (names not yet released) that I am working on and I hope that you will be able to get these by the end of the year.  Watch this space.

To all of you, who have already downloaded my patterns and have sent words of praise about the layout and the way the pattern is written to help you all, my sincere thanks.  I will try always to make them easy to read, simple and well explained so that even an in-experienced knitter can work all without the fear of failure.

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Victorian Pleasure

Victorian Pleasure

This delicious lace garment was made to look like a fairies garment, just a puff on the body, that breathed lightness in every way. The cuffs have three knitted roses sitting in the center on the ribbing and in the roses centers, there are tiny seed pearls (stitched in afterwards). Victorian Pleasure sits like a puff of a soft cloud. Pearl buttons close the front usiing a tiny simple crotcheted edging to form the loops for the buttons.  This edging goes around the neck too for that dainty finish.

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Knitting patterns you can understand

Easy to read patterns

It appears that patterns need to be made more easy to understand.  For a person who does not know what all the different words or symbols mean it can be a mine field and quite frightening.  I wonder how many people have taken one look at a pattern and said, “NO!”

It is because of this that I am endeavouring to do patterns in a long format, which means that I put alot into words that people understand, or english.  This extends a pattern to a long 9 pages, but if that means that one can understand, then I think that it is a good thing and certainly great for the knitter.

With this in mind, I have started to write my patterns with boxes at the end of rows so thatthe knitter can tick the box when the row is completed, this way you always know where you are in the pattern.  All the words are simple and with instructions for each item, and tables that show the instructions in a easy format, still with the boxes to check off.

I would be interested if there are any people who find certain parts of a pattern hard to understand so that these also can be added into our list of fixing.  Horrah I hear you all shouting, scanning the latest magazine trying to find what you want to change.  You did?  Great send it to me or make a comment here I would LOVE to hear what they are.

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Patterns galore

Jaxson Jacket

This year I have been working on and publishing some of my designs in patterns that you will all be able to download in pdf format and knit yourselves.  I have been wanting to do this for many years and it is now becoming a reality as I have more time on my hands.  Did I say more time?

Some of them are for new knitters and some for experienced ones.  The patterns are quite long, as I am adding comments all the way through them so that they will be easier for the knitter to follow.  Also I give full knitting details so that you can find your way and not be left wondering what you are to do next.

So far I have done Jaxson Jacket and Polka Dots – all published in hard copy and also in pdf. format to down load.  These have been well received and are popular with shops and knitters.  I am now working on Silver Nights, which is coming along nicely though it is still early stages and I hope to have this finished in Dec.2009.  More on that later.