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New book

Lost half socks

This is the front cover of my book that I have finished this week.  It is has been a long time getting it all together and sewing up and then binding the book too. The poem inside the book, was written about 2006, and a mock up of the drawings were done then too and it sat about like that till the beginning of October.

Suddenly desire to finish it took over then to do the drawings and illustrate it fully and bind it into a book too. Thought I would finish it that day well right…… weeks later, three almost! The illustrations did not stay as they had been originally and took on a whole new meaning, sort of sock controlled and many been changed and more have been put in.

My first drawing in the book which I drew when working for Breitling watches, is still there too. New characters arried from the verse, old ones changed their look in my mind and up popped a Black Bad Sock drawing too. Every sock I have ever had came out in this book I think and it has been a great journe; I have learnt many great lessons for the next one.  Did I say that? Next one? oh dear, I think I did.

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