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Silver Nights

As I told you all, in my last post, there would be another pattern in 2010, well it has happened.  Silver Nights, was released on July 2nd 2010.  There has been much interest in this pattern over at Ravelry and now it is available here.

So what is next?  I am very close to having Juliette, and Victorian Pleasure ready as well and these should be out by the end of August at the latest!  Meanwhile I have 3 others (names not yet released) that I am working on and I hope that you will be able to get these by the end of the year.  Watch this space.

To all of you, who have already downloaded my patterns and have sent words of praise about the layout and the way the pattern is written to help you all, my sincere thanks.  I will try always to make them easy to read, simple and well explained so that even an in-experienced knitter can work all without the fear of failure.

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