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Patterns galore

Jaxson Jacket

This year I have been working on and publishing some of my designs in patterns that you will all be able to download in pdf format and knit yourselves.  I have been wanting to do this for many years and it is now becoming a reality as I have more time on my hands.  Did I say more time?

Some of them are for new knitters and some for experienced ones.  The patterns are quite long, as I am adding comments all the way through them so that they will be easier for the knitter to follow.  Also I give full knitting details so that you can find your way and not be left wondering what you are to do next.

So far I have done Jaxson Jacket and Polka Dots – all published in hard copy and also in pdf. format to down load.  These have been well received and are popular with shops and knitters.  I am now working on Silver Nights, which is coming along nicely though it is still early stages and I hope to have this finished in Dec.2009.  More on that later.

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