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Victorian Pleasure

Victorian Pleasure

This delicious lace garment was made to look like a fairies garment, just a puff on the body, that breathed lightness in every way. The cuffs have three knitted roses sitting in the center on the ribbing and in the roses centers, there are tiny seed pearls (stitched in afterwards). Victorian Pleasure sits like a puff of a soft cloud. Pearl buttons close the front usiing a tiny simple crotcheted edging to form the loops for the buttons.  This edging goes around the neck too for that dainty finish.

2 thoughts on “Victorian Pleasure

  1. […] what is next?  I am very close to having Juliette, and Victorian Pleasure ready as well and these should be out by the end of August at the latest!  Meanwhile I have 3 […]

  2. So how do I get the pattern for the Victorian Pleasure top? I love it. And hello from an old ravelry friend! Still do beautiful work in all you do!

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