Funky Red
Funky RedFunky RedFunky Red

Funky Red


Large knit shoulder bag with flowers and leaves.

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Product Description

A large bag that has extra fullness on the base is always an added welcome in your collection and Funky Red certainly has this factor. Under the delicious garland of sumptuous roses and leaves on the side is hidden an inverted pleat which is so easy to do and gives more fullness to the base. On each corner is a ‘ridge’ that keeps the form of the bag correct and also a little contrast to the rest of the knitting. When you peep inside you will be excited to see that inside at the base is a stiffener which can be embroidered in Florentine Stitch or covered with fabric as you wish. Whether you felt this one or leave it plain it will become a firm favorite for you.


Additional Information


Easy, Moderate

Needle size

10 mm | US 15 | UK 000 – circular needles


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