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LynAdell knitwear designer
Winter 2019
LynAdell knitwear designer
Autumn 2017
LynAdell knitwear designer
Winter 2015

About LynAdell

LynAdell (Lynette Harvey) is an established Knitwear Designer with an international following. Lynette loves to work using a variety of unusual fibres and yarns and her knitwear designs go well beyond a basic sweater.

Whether it is fine or jumbo yarn, a varying texture or a subtle lace pattern, Lynette invites you to delight in her garments that feel wonderful to wear, fit well and stand out in the crowd. The simplicity of each item is deceptive and unique, often taking hours and her creative hands and her own thoughts to produce these exciting designs.

Lynette’s garments are wearable pieces of art, bold and vivid experiences, each telling a Wow-like story. Her choices of fiber reflect her moods and tones using buffalo to llama, mohair to angora, even poodle wool or an energy twist of Merino to create a soft curve or exciting definition to settle in an array of color. Her inspiration from the process of creating stitches as much as the final product invites wearers to lose themselves in a form in knitwear inspired by detail.

Her work has given her prestigious award from the Benson and Hedges Design Awards and her many prizes from the world of competitions. Lynette’s energetic and surreal garments have been featured also in Fashion Magazines. However the true beginning of her career started by being head hunted by a New Zealand fashion magazine and asked to design for their readers. From there it opened up to her own shop and producing for 13 boutiques throughout New Zealand.